NYX Liquid Suede in LCSL 30 – Bella

Color: 5/5

Application: 4/5

Texture: 3/5

Lifespan: 1/5

Overall: 3/5


I have a few of NYX’s Liquid Suede lipsticks, but this is the first one that I purchased from the “Metallic Matte” line. NYX Liquid Suede in LCSL 30 – Bella seemed great at first! The color is a metallic red with a hint of brown, which looks great when first applied. The applicator was nothing fancy; it worked but there was nothing great or unique about it. My first complaint is that this can’t be layered – it has to be put on very thin. If you put this lipstick on too thin, it will get clumpy and need to be taken off.

My second – and more concerning – complaint is that the lipstick doesn’t last at all. I put this lipstick on at 7:30 this morning and when I got home at 11:30, it was completely off. I decided to give it another chance. I reapplied before going out to lunch and when I got back about an hour later, it was already fading. This is so disappointing because it’s such a nice color. I would recommend this product to someone that has the ability to reapply often, but not to someone who would be wearing it all day without reapplying.


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